Sonia and Raj - part 1!

Another big Indian wedding - my last Indian wedding of this busy summer! Since there are lots of lovely photos of these 2 awesome people, I'll break it into 2 parts for y'all to save your scrolling fingers! Sonia and Raj are really great people, and so in love (I was actually there when they got engaged!) and their wedding was an incredible experience!

Here's some of my favorites:


And after all the parties and celebrating each family does, it's the big day where everything and everyone comes together!

Sonia is always quick to smile, but when she saw Raj in the temple she couldn't stop smiling - it was so cute!

Huge thank you to Mathew Smith, photographer extraordinaire, who helped me out second shooting on this wedding - a few of these photos are his incredible work.

There's another blog post to come next week with lots more photos - stay tuned!