Danelle and Mark

An awesome wedding! Danelle and Mark met when Mark became Danelle's flying instructor - how cute and romantic is that?!  They're now both pilots - I love how they incorporated their love of flight with their love for each other on their big day. Go take a look at how much fun everyone had in The Frame by clicking here!

And without further ado!

Next one by Vinse:


I love how totally thrilled they all are!!


Next 4 by the awesome Vinse:


Fun ring shot - they're no longer "engaged!!" hahaha!


One of my favorite groomsmen of all time!


The Black Dog roof patio for pints = best idea ever on a hot afternoon!


Airplane cupcakes! Yum!


This kid won the dance off!


Last one by Vinse!

Thanks Danelle and Mark, your wedding was great!