James and Shubhra's Hindu wedding

James and Shubhra had twice the fun - one day of Hindu wedding celebrations, followed by a day of Sikh celebrations. Firstly, the Hindu wedding day. Here's James getting ready! (Next 3 shots by Amy) Steaming out the wrinkles from his dad's tie! Meanwhile, at Shubhra's house: This has got to be one of the cutest things ever - Shubhra's reading James text. Awwww.... So pretty!

Everyone was shutterbuggin' - Shubhra looked so gorgeous! See what I mean? These were Shubhra's grandmothers wedding anklets in India - so pretty. They were real silver and very heavy.

The bride and groom make several offerings to the fire during the ceremony. A big hug from their officiant - cute!

Much more to come!