Stephanie and Jim in San Fran (with Anna K.)

So I'm one of the luckiest photographers around - I got to photograph Stephanie and Jim's wedding in San Francisco with the amazing Anna Kuperberg this January. Anna is an inspiration. She's been one of my favorite photographers since forever. I love her work because it's whimsical and super fun - Anna's personality shines in every photo she takes. Working with her was a privilege. She is so much fun, and has this way of making absolutely everyone warm up to her.

Here she is, hammin' it up, and making everyone laugh for the group photos (along with some help from a guest!)

And here are some of my favorite photos. I enjoyed that I got the opportunity to shoot different things since I wasn't the primary photographer - here are some of my favorite detail shots:

Check out this cake - I love it!

Thanks to Stephanie and Jim, and to Anna K for the amazing opportunity!