Shawn and Carmen's wedding

Here are some photos from Shawn and Carmen's New Year's Eve wedding!

Above photo by the extra-rad Mr. Marshall Watson.

I got this next ultra cute shot when Carmen took off her engagement ring to put lotion on her hands!

I like this next photo because you can really see in Carmen's face how happy and excited she was. This is in the basement of the church right before she walked down the aisle.

The ceremony was at St. Albert Catholic Church - I love churches with balconies.

It was super cold out, but too beautiful a day not to brave the elements for a couple of photos outdoors.

The next one is the same moment, by Marshall, without the lighting.

Uggs are the secret. If your feet are warm, the rest of you stays warmer too!

Deep snow! Brave bride!

After we defrosted, we did a bunch more photos with the whole gang at the Kingsway Aviation Museum.

Top secret champagne break (awesome photo by Marshall:)

It looks like they're dueling pilots in the next two shots!


This is an awesome idea for those sore feet on the dance floor!

Shawn and Carmen, you two are amazing, and so much fun. Your wedding was gorgeous, and I wish you both all the best!