Melissa and Carlo's wedding

Some photos from Melissa and Carlo's wedding day! These photos make me really happy - this is the ultra-cute couple I traveled to Vegas with -  they're such awesome, awesome people, and I was very excited for their big day. And when that day came, it was 100 per cent "wow!" Every single detail was superb, and entirely beautiful, as you will see.

Limo party!

The ceremony at Robertson Wesley United Church.

Greeting family and friends in the receiving line - so happy!

Ultra cute!

Jennifer Tavaroli at Atmosphere Weddings coordinated this amazing day, taking care of all the gorgeous details. Check out this detail of the centerpieces!

The incredible flowers were done by the amazing folks at La Piazza Dasee. They were so vivid and bright and summery. There are a ton more amazing details and awesome photos in Melissa and Carlo's slideshow - Make sure you check it out!

An ultra cute moment during their speech.

A battle to catch the bouquet!

Thanks to Melissa and Carlo for an unbelievable day!