A little bit of Vegas (starring Melissa and Carlo!!)

My first full day in Las Vegas started out with a lovely morning swim. My lifeguard was this special little guy!

That's right, folks, that's a BLACK WIDOW hanging out on the floating pool chair! EEEK! I was swimming a few leisurely laps, and noticed this guy a few feet away as the chair floated past me. I jumped out of the pool immediately. Spiders give me the heebie jeebies - sorry I didn't get in closer on this photo! I was freaked out!

Oh right, you're probably here for pretty photos, not scary ones!

Well, that night just before sunset, we headed a few minutes out of Vegas into the desert!

Yes, Melissa looks MEGA HOT. Yes, Carlo is SUPER SUAVE. Yes, I LOVE these photos!

Photography-nerd sidenote - light in the desert is completely different than light here. It's a different color, it reflects differently, it's in a word, WONDERFUL.

Another photonerd sidenote: Lights, which are black, don't like to fire when it's over 50 degrees outside. They get hot when they work as it is, and will simply shut off. Reminder to buy a cooler and a bag of ice for lighting packs next time I hit the desert!

The edge of the city in the background... this one's a favorite of mine! (i have a lot of favorites from this shoot, so I'll try not to say that too many times - haha!)

After the desert, we headed into the city for a few more!

I'll be sharing more photos in the next couple of days, so stay tuned! It's Melissa and Carlo week (they're getting married on Saturday!)