Catherine and Lyle's wedding

Here's a few favorite photos from Catherine and Lyle's beautiful wedding last month! During their speeches, I learned that they met speed-dating - awesome!

There's loads of great photos, as you'll see here in the slideshow but I think this one's my favorite:

Hmmm... or maybe this one!!

Anyhow,back to the good ol' chronological story of the day! Here's Catherine getting ready - her aunt from Newfoundland did her makeup, which was pretty special:

Catherine's dad opening a celebratory bottle of wine!

Lyle's mom checks out her dapper lookin' son!

This awesome photo is by Dallas. Both Lyle and Catherine have such amazing eyes!


The whole gang hanging out at the Hotel Mac.

Okay, another favorite! Catherine's mom double-hug!

Catherine and Lyle took dance lessons, and totally wowed everyone - look at the faces of the guests watching!

The Mac at night!

Thanks to Lyle and Catherine - you guys were great, and we had a blast working with you! All the best to you both!