E-Ville Roller Derby!

This winter, I made a personal goal to try more things that scare me. Roller derby definitely fit the bill. I joined the league in January, so I'm still a rookie (full contact roller skating ain't easy, kids!) In the meantime, however, I've been having a blast photographing the games from the sidelines, and learning what it's all about! I took these photos at E-Ville Roller Derby's demo game outside of Happy Harbour Comics on 81st Ave and 104 St a couple of weeks ago.

The two teams before the game in their costumes - the theme was heroines vs. villains. I'm liking the looming shadows created by the Evil E-Ville girls!

This is Mochi, A.K.A Cutest Doggie Ever, watching his owner A.K.A Supergirl skate!

A few of you out there may recognize Wonder Women's real life persona - Bobbi works with me as a second shooter - She's a Wonder Woman behind the lens too!


If you think girls in fishnets playing full-contact sports sounds totally awesome, or if you want to check out a really cool, very theatrical, entertaining sport, come to the league championship game on May 30, 7pm, at Kingsway Hangar (11410 Kingsway).