Best of 2008... and your support needed for an awesome cause!

When I was updating the site, I realized that there are simply too many great photos from all the weddings in 2008 - it was a beyond awesome year! Choosing the 60 or so to post on the main site was incredibly difficult. I truly feel a personal connection to every couple I worked with, and want them on the site, but there's only so much space - what to do!?!?!

So I put together a slideshow of some of Dallas and I's favorite photos and memorable moments from the 2008 - there's at least one photo from every wedding we did. It was so fun to watch this, and remember the awesome times we had - our clients are so great!

Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart, for making my job the best job in the world. I know Dallas echoes this sentiment!

Here it is - there is music, so if you're at work, please be aware.

Also, I want to tell you about an excellent opportunity if you'd like to get family photos this year, and/or if you're into giving some money to a good cause. I've donated a family photo session to help Camp Fyrefly which supports and fosters leadership for LGBT youth and their friends in overcoming discrimination and prejudice in their schools and communities. They're having a wine tasting gala event and silent auction in March (which is already sold out!) however, you can bid online for a family session with me, and there are a host of other awesome things too, by clicking right here.