If you're looking for fun, unpretentious wedding photos brimming with emotion and joy, you're in the right place! 

We're Edmonton Photographers who offer a more photojournalism-inspired approach to weddings - real moments and memories are what we're all about! We love bright colours, quirky people, and happy families. Our goal is to take uncontrived photos that show the real you! 

We really love photographing LGBTQ weddings and families too! 

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Buffy lives in Edmonton with her cute husband and two super chubby cats. She loves crazy lighting,
symmetry, and shadows. She also loves bad jokes, good coffee, ginger beer, oversharing on
Instagram, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Her passport is ready and she'll travel anywhere! 

Here are links to a few of her favourite photo sessions:

Ash and Jon's wedding, in Umbria, Italy
Eileen and Raj's couples session, in Iceland
Regena and Ken's wedding, in Santorini, Greece
Christina and Patrick's wedding, in Edmonton
Kirsten and Dan's wedding, in Jasper, Alberta

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Vinse has two slim and svelte tabby cats, an adorable beagle named Belle, and he'll eat
all your fine artisanal cheese if you're not careful! Vinse shoots a select number of weddings
and engagement sessions each year in Edmonton and beyond. 
Here are links to a few of
his favourite photo sessions:

Helen and Rick's wedding, in Edmonton, Alberta
Christina and Caillin's wedding, in Edmonton, Alberta
Susan and Mike's engagement session
Sarah and John's wedding, in Edmonton, Alberta

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