Djupavik, Iceland


Djúpavík is a tiny village in the Westfjords of Iceland on road 643. It consists of seven tiny houses, a small hotel and the amazing ruins of a fish canning factory that closed in the 1950s. It is very quaint and remote and awesome.

Hólmavík is the nearest town, it's 70km away – 2 hours on Icelandic roads (fill up your cars here!!!) and it's 340 km from Reykjavík.

Due to road conditions, please give yourselves at least 7 hours to travel to Djupavik from KEF, even though it's under 400 km. And get ready to have your minds blown. Waterfalls. Glaciers. Reindeer. Towering cliffs. Complete and utter serenity and beauty. Take your time, and stop frequently.

We're 100km from the Arctic Circle – so even though it's July, dress accordingly. Think cosy sweaters and wool tights. Weather can come in off the Greenland Sea in mere seconds, and rain and mist are common. A good wind/rain layer is important. It could also be warm. Who knows, guys?

The wedding will be in the factory, so, like, don't wear high heels or shit like that. You can see some photos of the space below. You can also tour the factory with the family who runs the hotel and maintains the building.