Two years ago, Ulana and Stu had one of the funnest weddings ever.Β Now they have one of the cutest kids ever! A huge perk of my job is watching my awesome couples as they grow together and start families, and getting to photograph all that special stuff! Such a privilege!

it took probably 30 minutes for Alex to really warm up to me - for the first bit, he was like, "Who's that weird lady hiding in the green tube?" Family photos in edmonton

Ulana and Stu live on an acreage and they have my dream backyard - it's basically woods with all these cool little winding paths through the trees. Golden glowing sunshine through the leaves - amazing! Alex is going to have so much fun building tree forts and having crazy outdoor adventures a few years from now!

Family photos in edmonton

Family photos in edmontonFamily photos in edmonton Family photos in edmonton

Alex love sticks! Family photos in edmonton Family photos in edmonton Family photos in edmonton Family photos in edmonton Family photos in edmonton

Mulholland family photos!

I spent a pretty winter afternoon with the Mulholland family a few weeks ago. (If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you might see some familiar faces - I photographed Chelsea and Michael's wedding in 2009) Here is the whole gang! Edmonton family photographers And this is Chelsea and Michael's sweet little daughter, Isabella! So awesome and heartwarming to meet the children of couples I've photographed! Edmonton family photographers Edmonton family photographers What a gorgeous family!Edmonton family photographers Brotherly love (they did this "pose" on Michael's wedding day too! haha!)Edmonton family photographers Cereal is delicious!Edmonton family photographers

Thanks to the Mulholland family for being so fun to photograph!

Baby Penelope!

A few weeks ago, my friends Kris and Suzuanne welcomed a gorgeous little baby girl into their family! Meet little Miss Penelope at 2 weeks old!

A big yawn, followed by a little smile!

"Hey, why is no one holding me??!"

Having a little nap with big brother! (you might recognize this little guy, Oscar, from the family and children gallery on the main site!)

Oscar loves being a big brother! This photo is mega-cute!