Krista + Randor in Maui


In May, I travelled to Hawaii with Krista and Randor for one of the most sincere and heartfelt weddings ever. These 2 exchanged vows on the beach in the hot Maui sun, and it was an emotional and unforgettable event. The whole day was like something from a movie! I'm grateful and extra happy that I got to be there and experience the love these two have for each other and their friends. All that and a killer party too - we got super sweaty up on that dance floor!!

Just so y'all know, (like there'd be any question!!) I'm down for a destination wedding in Hawaii any day! TAAAAKE MEEE WIIIITH YOOOOU! 

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Eva, Alice, and their mom and dad!


Eva and Alice are two of the sweetest and most adorable kids ever - their mom and dad are pretty awesome too! 

The Parrotts were one of several families that supported a fundraiser to help sponsor a refugee family from Syria. That Syrian family now lives here in Edmonton and they're happy, healthy, and thriving in their new home - I met them for a meal a few months ago, got spoiled with some amazing cooking and great hugs, and I'm so thrilled they're here. They are so excited to be new Canadians. 

Thanks to the Parrott family and the other great families who came to one of my fundraiser photo sessions. With your help, we donated over $4500 to a family in need!

We all have an incredible degree of freedom and privilege by virtue of living where we do - hundreds of thousands of displaced peoples in Europe aren't so lucky. Just knowing there are so many Edmontonians who want to give and help those in less fortunate circumstances warms my heart!

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Ravneet and Harman in Banff


Ravneet and Harman and I spent the most magical day in the mountains this spring. A shoulder-season snowfall the evening before sprinkled the mountains with white  - it was so insanely beautiful, the moody clouds adding even more atmosphere to the dramatic scene. 

These 2 are getting married very soon, and I'm so excited to celebrate with them, they love to laugh together and their big day (or big DAYS as I'll be partying with them for 4 days) will be full of fun and laughter! Congrats, Ravneet and Harman, and thanks for hanging out in Canmore and Banff with me! 

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On engagement photos, and what to wear!

Dear photographer,
I'm stressing out! What should we wear for our session?
Love, Future Bride

(secret unwritten question in the PS - Why do we even need engagement photos?)

Here's the emotional answer. 

Because you're in love. And you deserve this. You've found someone amazing, that one person who just gets you, and that is an incredible and undeniably special thing.

Seize it. Embrace it. Show your love to each other, to your photographer, to the world without regret. Someday you'll look back and wish you had more photos together. You will never regret being photographed, young and in love, filled with hope, your life together just ahead of you. 


Here's the more practical answer:

Because engagement photos are a lot of fun! They offer a chance to get to know your photographer, and to adjust to being in front of a camera, especially if you're feeling nervous about being photographed. 

You can actually use your engagement photos for something too! Some couples use them for save the dates, invitations, their wedding website, guestbooks, centerpieces or table numbers.

And maybe you do 'em to show how much you love each other, to send to your family or post on Facebook.  That's awesome too!

You can also visit locations you might not be able to go to on your wedding day due to distance/time restraints.


You can get some photos with super special furry family members who aren't going to be at your wedding! 


The pressing question. What to wear. 

The internet holds all the answers! But wedding blogs and Pinterest exist to sell us things. These sites don't take into account that, hey, you're paying for your wedding, and likely don't have hundreds of dollars to drop on an outfit. 

Also, as an aside, hey wedding-internet, what's up with all of the thin white girls!?
(This is the first link that you get when you Google "what should I wear for engagement photos?" Please note the lack of diversity, then let your mouths drop at the prices.)

Here's a few more practical tips, from someone who's been at hundreds of engagement shoots.

1. Please don't wear giant heels or stilettos if you want fun and carefree photos! I know how great your legs look in super high heels, hey - mine too! But I'm wearing practical shoes to photograph you. So I can move around, stand in long grass, climb up a hill, run around. In many ways, this photo session is a collaboration, I want you to be able to do that stuff too if you need to so I can get you amazing photos you will love.

Wearing super pointy heels limits where we can go. Soft grass is a no-no... same with the soft river band, the sandy beach, the amazing golden-lit mountain meadow, the pretty ravine. Walking more than a couple of blocks is gonna suck, same with exploring the river valley, jumping around being silly, or running and general goofing off together.

If you have shoes you love, bring them in a bag! We can easily incorporate them at some point.

But do yourself a favor, and wear something practical - you'll have more fun, and those smiles in your engagement photos will be totally real - no blisters, no broken heels, no problem!

Here's an example of a good footwear choice. Angela wore her fave sneakers - this is the only photo I took that day where you can see 'em, just barely peeking out! 

engagement photos Banff lake minnewanka national park red chairs cute

With heels on, Angela wouldn't have been able to adventure up into the woods, and this super rad photo would never have happened... 

bighorn sheep engagement photos Banff National Park Lake Minnewanka bighorn sheep engagement photos Banff National Park Lake Minnewanka

Wedges are an awesome choice if you want to go a bit fancier. Boots are great too! 

edmonton engagement photos wedding photographer rustic rural barn

2. Unsure about an outfit? You can change clothes if you want to! Hiromi and Louis wanted to wear football jerseys for a few photos at Commonwealth Stadium, since they love sports and were having a sports-themed reception. They changed clothes (in their car!) for the second half of their engagement session.

“Edmonton “Edmonton

3. Trust your photographer! Ask their recommendation for timing and setting. If you have a location in mind, that's awesome, but it might have the best light right early in the morning, or before sunset (This is true for many outdoor photo spots).

Light is EVERYTHING in photography. We're very fortunate in Edmonton to have long days, so if it's summer, you'll have time to get home from your day job, get ready, and do your photos on a weeknight after work! 

“Edmonton “sunset “sunset

4. Wear bug spray and sunscreen! No one wants to smell like deet, but this is just common sense in Edmonton during summer evenings. You won't look happy and relaxed if you're swatting away bugs! 

5. BE YOURSELVES! If none of the advice above feels right, please ignore it!
What makes your photos beautiful is the YOU that's in them! 

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I hope this information helps you plan the best engagement session ever!